Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Foods you all missed out on because I was lazy

So these are some pictures of food I made over a year ago.  Sorry I'm lazy... and enjoy!
This is pomegranate rice pudding.  I got the recipe off of some European blog.  It was good.  It was essentially risotto made with milk instead of stock and sugar instead of cheese.  I added some sprinkles because the pomegranate didn't add as much color as I would have liked.

This is pan fried salmon sticks over mustard greens with chitlin (the leftovers of rendering fat).  There carrots are really there just to round out the meal.  I've got to get my veggies.  The name pretty much sums it up.  I remember this being pretty tasty. P.S. I'm not 100% sure those are mustard greens

This is mustard greens and tomatoes over salmon poached in gingery coconut milk over cucumbers.  The cucumbers were there to, again, round out my meal.  The tomatoes and mustard greens were cooked in the coconut milk as well, so I'm betting that coconut milk was fully of nutrients.  This was tasty as well if I recall.  I definitely recommend at least attempting to poach fish.  It isn't too difficult.

This is a orange, parsley, jicama, radish salad.  This, I did not enjoy.  I just don't like raw radishes.  (cooked radishes are another story)  The dressing is made with the orange juice resulting from supreming the oranges and some other standardy stuff.  I really enjoyed the supremed oranges though.  On occasion, I still supreme citrus fruit for my self.  Did it with a lemon once... not too bad.  Better than raw radishes.

These are pickled cucumbers... er ... pickles.  Anyways, I thought they were cool because they looked like watermelons, the rind and everything.  I got this result by doing a light pickle in a liquid I had just pickled beets in, also delicious.  I really enjoyed pickled vegetables.

Those were all in chronological order.  I hope I'll never have to do a post like this again because it will have meant that I wasn't keeping up, but I suppose it's better than nothing.


  1. nice pickles and pan fried salmon sticks!

    What is the recipe for the pomegranate rice pudding? can the pomegranate be substituted for another fruit?

  2. http://dulcisinfurno.blogspot.com/2009/10/risolatte-alla-melagrana.html

    This is the link to the recipe I used. Its in a foreign language so make use of google translate. I think It is on page. I dunno about other fruits.